Hooks and Components


useClickRef() hook

In your components, you'll often need to call the CSPR.click API to get data or request an operation. To get a reference to the CSPR.click SDK instance make use of the useClickRef() React hook:

import { useClickRef } from '@make-software/csprclick-ui';

function MyComponent() {
  const clickRef = useClickRef();

Then, in your application you'll be able to request CSPR.click to perform some operations using the class methods, or get values reading the class properties.



Use the AccountIdenticon component to display the public key identicon (or avatar). It can be used also with an account hash string.

In addition to the public key or account hash, indicate the size of the resulting image: 'xs' for 16px; 'sm' for 20px; 'm' for 32px; or 'l' for 40px.

<AccountIdenticon hex={publicKey} size={'l'} />

The size can be indicated with a number of pixels:

<AccountIdenticon hex={accountHash} size={40}  />

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