Currency selector

If your application supports multiple currencies, you can add to the navigation bar a currency selector.

Language selector set up

Define an array with the list of currencies your application supports:

export const CURRENCIES: Currency[] = [
        code: 'USD',
        title: 'US Dollar',
        type_id: CurrencyType.FIAT,
        code: 'EUR',
        title: 'Euro',
        type_id: CurrencyType.FIAT,
        code: 'BTC',
        title: 'Bitcoin',
        type_id: CurrencyType.CRYPTO,
        code: 'ETH',
        title: 'Ethereum',
        type_id: CurrencyType.CRYPTO,

Note in the image above how currencies are grouped in cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. In your list of currencies, classify them using the type_id property in one of the groups.

Create a state value to store the current currency. For example, with useState() hook, but you can use any other method.

	const [currency, setCurrency] = useState(CURRENCIES[0]);

Define a currencySettings object with the list of currencies, the selected currency, and a callback method to handle currency selection by the user. Add this object to the topBarSettings prop in the <ClickUI> component:

const currencySettings= {
  currencies: CURRENCIES,
  currentCurrency: currency,
  onChangeCurrency: (c: any) => { setCurrency(c); },

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