Customizing the top bar

While we recommend to include the top bar in your application, if you have your own Sign in and session management controls you can opt-out. To do so, do not include the topBarSettings prop to ClickUI and won't render the top bar. includes a navigation bar that displays on the top of the web application. It's the same navigation bar you can find on and other applications that integrate

In this top bar you always see the CSPR Products menu on the left side, and the Account menu on the right side. The rest are customizable selectors that you can choose to add or not. Most of them are customizable as we'll see in the next pages.

TopBarSettings object

This object wraps all settings in the navigation bar and is included to <ClickUI> as a prop. More on each configuration in the following subpages.

const topBarSettings: TopBarSettings = {
    onThemeSwitch: toggleTheme,
    languageSettings: languageSettings(lang, setLang),
    currencySettings: currencySettings(currency, setCurrency),
    networkSettings: networkSettings(network, setNetwork),


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