Network selector

If your application can switch between Mainnet and Testnet networks you may want to add the network selector widget to the navigation bar.

Network selector set up

Define an array with the list of networks your application supports:

const NETWORKS = ['Mainnet', 'Testnet'];

const networkSettings = {
    networks: NETWORKS,
    currentNetwork: NETWORKS[0],
    onNetworkSwitch: (n) => {
        console.log('Network selected', n);

Then, add this settings object to the UI initialization defined before:

const clickUIOptions = {
  uiContainer: 'csprclick-ui', 
  rootAppElement: '#app',
  showTopBar: true,

Customize the network icons

You can also specify your custom icons for each of the networks:

import mainnetIcon from './assets/ico-mainnet.svg'
import testnetIcon from './assets/ico-testnet.svg'

const NETWORKS = [
  { title: 'Mainnet', icon: mainnetIcon },
  { title: 'Testnet', icon: testnetIcon }

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